About Ladera West

Recognized in 1990 as an established neighborhood association, Ladera West lies between the ancient volcanos and the beautiful Ladera Golf Course overlooking the spectacular Sandia Mountains.

Not sure if you live in the Ladera West Neighborhood?  Here’s our Map:  LADERA WEST MAP

The Ladera West Neighborhood Association (LWNA) has been working for the betterment of our neighborhood since the late 80’s.  Here are a few of the accomplishments of LWNA over the years:

– worked for the creation of Riconada Park as well as the dog park – landscaped the medians on Ouray and got the beautiful landscaping along Ouray and Unser – was prime mover in helping secure the funding to save Ladera Golf Course – helped found the Westside Coalition of Neighborhood Associations – took on developers to keep our neighborhood resident-friendly

Recently, LWNA has gotten new trash containers and better maintenance at Rinconada Point Park, it continues to watch over, patrol and occasionally repair fence on the Todo Santos Open Space (Which LWNA adopted), and continues to  participate in the Great American Clean Up every April. Board member participate in all facilitated meetings pertaining to new developments & zone changes affecting our Neighborhood.

Here are our bylawsLWNA BYLAWS AS AMENDED 2015

Our current board members are:   Shariesse McCannon, Steve Colllins, Karen Buccola, Rose Marie Keating and Lorraine Conway


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