Easy Crime Prevention

We are reminded by The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office newsletter, “Communicator,” May 2018 that:

“Numerous studies have proven that when residents take pride in their neighbor-hood criminal acts diminish exponentially. With that said, take some steps to beautify your neighborhoods. Cleaning of front yards is the best place to start. Introduce yourselves to neighbors and turn the porch light on. Spend more time outdoors. These steps can be accomplished cost free and contribute to the overall health of a neighborhood.”

The May issue of Albuquerque Office of Neighborhood Coordination’s Neighborhood News showed a neighborhood that banded together to aide an abandoned home:

“Academy Estates East is a quiet neighborhood tucked away east of Spain and north of Montgomery, and one of its chief attractions is the closeness of many residents and neighbors. It’s this connection that led to what happened next. ‘I talked to several neighbors, including Janet Butts, and Nancy Plevin who lives behind the house,’ said [Block captain Anita] Harper. ‘We all agreed to maintain the front yard and keep the property looking clean and well-kept, so potential criminals wouldn’t know the house was empty.’ Neighbors raked leaves, mowed grass, and made the house not only look occupied, but more attractive than it had been previously.” After contacting the bank that foreclosed on the property and asking that it be placed on the market, this house is occupied.

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