Wanted: Bernalillo County Security Aides

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office newsletter, “Communicator,” April 2018 presented information about this interesting career. After learning about this position, you may want to pass the opportunity on to someone who is job hunting.

“The Bernalillo County Security Aide is an entry-level position that provides a pathway to becoming a deputy.  This position gives a person a chance to work with deputies and learn about the law enforcement profession.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department employs County Security Aides to assist deputies on patrol and to assist with security at the Metropolitan Detention Center and Public Safety Center.  While assisting patrol deputies, County Security Aide’s respond to crashes to take reports and assist with directing traffic at crashes or as needed.  County Security Aide’s also respond to other report calls that do not require a deputy at the scene.

At the Metropolitan Detention Center and Public Safety Center, County Security Aide’s utilize x-ray scanners and metal detectors to prevent arrestees and employees from bringing nauthorized items into the facilities.

Once hired, County Security Aide’s will attend the County Security Aide academy where they will learn the basic skills to be a County Security Aide. If the County Security Aide is going to work on patrol, the County Security Aide will then go through field training with a deputy for on the job training.”

If you have any questions about the County Security Aide position please contact Sgt. Fred Beers, at fdbeers@bernco.gov or (505)-468-7425.”

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