Carbon Monoxide Safety and Saving Energy

From the Office of Neighborhood Coordination’s weekly newsletter, we are reminded to care for our health and homes with a checkup for our carbon monoxide monitors and tools to reduce the use of natural gas.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Essential in Winter Months

The New Mexico Poison and Drug Information at the UNM College of Pharmacy reminds residents that carbon monoxide poisoning is a frequent concern in the winter months. As temperatures cool and heaters are turned on, make sure your carbon-monoxide monitor has fresh batteries, or consider having one installed if you don’t already own one. To learn more about carbon monoxide poisoning and what you can do to keep home safe this winter, visit:

NM Gas Company Offers Free Online Savings Tool

Interested in learning how you might conserve natural resources within your home during winter months? The New Mexico Gas Company now has a free analysis tool available to help you. Visit: and start saving today!

Ladera West NA wishes you a happy and safe New Year.

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