Ladera West Neighborhood Association Updates and Information

Since the annual meeting, the board has met to elect officers.  The new board has Karen Buccola as president, Rose Marie Keating as secretary, Shariesse McCannon as treasurer, Lorraine Conway as webmaster, and Steve Collins as member at large.

We scheduled a second meeting to plan for the coming year.  In that meeting, we decided to provide similar content in our website to what you are familiar to seeing.  Our new webmaster is working hard to make sure that we continue to provide information about city resources, crime prevention, neighborhood events, and other information of interest to the community.  As a board, we are looking forward to presenting a personal safety workshop after the holidays with nearby neighborhoods.  And, we will continue to work with the city to make our neighborhood safer.

Considering recent events both locally and nationally, we would like to encourage you to have a plan for an active shooter event.  Homeland Security states in its booklet Active Shooter: How to Respond that “active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly.”  We encourage you to download this booklet and plan for this type of event.  The booklet is located at

Another event of concern in the neighborhood is that mail and package theft are on the rise.  To stop these thieves, we encourage you to check your mail boxes daily as soon after delivery as you can or opt to pick up packages at the post office.  Check to see if on-line orders can be picked up at the local store.  (When available, these often ship for free.)  Another option is to have FedEx packages shipped to the Walgreens at 2200 Unser NW (phone number 505-217-9940).

The board wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season.


Webmaster Passes the Torch

Hello Neighbors!

This will be my last post as Webmaster.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have created this neighborhood website and to have maintained it for the past several years.  As of today, new board member Lorraine Conway will be taking over Webmaster duties.   I will continue my behind-the-scenes efforts to keep our neighborhood clean and safe.  With warm wishes, Hope Eckert.