Helpful and Handy Holiday Hints

Hello Neighbors!

As you clean up your homes before company arrives for the holidays, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

  1. Yard Waste. City of Albuquerque Solid Waste Residential Customers can take advantage of free green waste pickup. Green waste will be collected on your regular trash collection day during the weeks of November 30 – December 4 and December 7 – December 11. Green waste consists of leaves, grass, brush, and similar yard clippings. Place your green waste in trash bags and bundle your branches (cut down to a maximum of 4-feet in length) and place them on the curb at least 5 feet away from the trash container. This service is free, so don’t miss out! More information can be found here.
  1. Home Goods. Clearing out closets or cupboards and have items to donate? Most local charities have a home pick-up service which allows you to schedule a date for them to pick-up your unwanted items. We regularly see notices in the mail from some of the larger charity groups, but many of your favorite charities offer the same service. Even Animal Humane has a pick-up service! Most charities have information about donation pick-up services directly on their website, or you can use a site like to find charities that will pick up your donations for free.
  1. Food. Did you know that food is one of the things we throw away the most? Instead of letting food expire, consider cleaning out your cupboards this holiday season and donating your non-perishable goods to a good cause. Food drives are easy to find and there are plenty of charities out there who will gladly accept your donations. Have a spoiled pet with extra food? Animal rescue groups accept pet food donations, as do many shelters and other food charities since pets go hungry too. One example is the Albuquerque Department of Senior Affairs meal delivery program, which ensures that seniors can provide nutritional meals to their companion pets at no additional cost to their food budget. For drop off locations for the Albuquerque Department of Senior Affairs meal delivery program, visit
  1. Home Maintenance. Many of us have home repair or maintenance projects that we don’t want to do, or we can’t do ourselves. Fortunately, our neighbors have shared the contact information for people and services they have used with success. From cleaning yards, to building fences, to hauling away junk, there’s a handyperson for any job. If you need to get your home in order before company arrives for dinner, you can start your search with the Handy Person Referral List we have compiled.  And if you have a great person or company you want to add to the list, send their information our way.

Happy Holidays from Ladera West Neighborhood Association!


Start a Neighborhood Watch on Your Street

Hello Neighbors!
Some of you have been asking about starting a neighborhood watch. Right now, there aren’t any in Ladera West, but if you have the motivation and a few interested neighbors, you can start one on your street. The board of LWNA is also willing to help you get started in any way we can, just ask! Here’s the original post about starting a watch, complete with the APD contact and link to more information:

Ladera West Neighborhood Association

Have you been thinking about having a neighborhood watch on your street?  It’s a great idea, and fairly easy to implement.  At the annual meeting APD Crime Prevention Specialist Pete Gelabert explained the process.  You basically need a block captain and some willing neighbors on your street (they are organized by individual streets) who will keep their ears and eyes open and report suspicious activity.  You can find more information from APD on starting a neighborhood watch program here.

Once your street decides to create a program, contact Pete Gelabert at and he will come out and talk to your group, provide materials, etc.

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