Cleanup Day Recap and Yard Sale Update

Hello Neighbors!

Last Saturday, April 25th, LWNA participated in the Great American Cleanup.  While we were hoping for more than the 13 volunteers that came, we were grateful for them and managed to pick up 30 bags of trash in a few short hours!  If you weren’t able to make it, we’re looking forward to next year’s event and will hopefully see you there!

After the cleanup we enjoyed a picnic lunch provided by LWNA, which gave us a chance to chat and get to better know our neighbors (and neighborhood issues).   Check out the pictures from the event, below.

We also wanted to give you an update on the “yard sale days.”  We originally had posted that we would advertise for neighborhood-wide sales on June 6th, but we have expanded that to June 5th and/or 6th so those of you that want to start on Friday will also be covered by the advertising.  Scroll down to the very next post to see the updated details.

Looking forward!

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