End of the Year Wrap-Up and the Year Ahead

Dear Neighbors:

As 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to thank you for your participation in the LWNA and enthusiasm for our new website.   Thank you to everyone who responded to our recent newsletter by signing up for the blog, joining our mailing list, or sending in your membership dues.  In the past year, LWNA has continued to advocate for the neighborhood and worked to keep it a clean and safe place.  In the year to come, we look forward to participating in the Great American Cleanup in April and National Night Out in August, as well as many other neighborhood projects.   We also plan on continuing to update this site with useful information and community events.

Many of you have followed the proposed Walmart Neighborhood Store at Ladera and Unser with great interest.  The Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) had its meeting on the proposal on December 11th.  Several neighbors and the LWNA Board participated through meetings and written submissions.   In the end, the proposal was accepted, with a few accommodations made for the appearance of the facade and accessibility for bicycles.  The complete reports are attached:  here and here.

We wish all of you a happy and safe New Year!  (For some great safety tips for the holiday season, check out the Northwest Area Command December Newsletter on our Neighborhood News page!)


Update on Walmart Grocery and Next Steps

Dear Neighbors:

By now you may know that a Walmart Neighborhood Store (grocery store-only version of Walmart) is slated to go in the lot along Unser and Ladera, as well as several smaller businesses.  On Monday, December 1st, a facilitated meeting was held with representatives of the development company. The participants at the meeting shared their perspectives and concerns, including the need for a grocery store, concerns about the traffic planning, and concerns about alcohol sales.  This is the full report from that meeting.

The next, and most crucial step in the process for this proposed development, is a hearing before, and approval from, the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC).  Specifically at issue is a zoning variance that would allow packaged liquor sales.  If you would like to have your voice heard, you must send your comments to Maggie Gould at the EPC by the end of this week (by Dec. 5th).  She can be reached at mgould@cabq.gov or 505-924-3910.   If you would like to attend the meeting, it starts at 8:30 a.m. on December 11th and is located at the Plaza Del Sol Hearing Room, Lower Level, 600 2nd Street NW.  This is the full agenda for that meeting.  (The project at issue is Project No. 1003275.)

The LWNA and other neighborhood associations will also be providing feedback to the EPC, taking into consideration our recent poll and feedback from the neighborhood.